To declutter my blog page a little bit, I removed all 43 (almost-)daily posts from the front page without deleting them.  You can still find them via the Navigation page or by clicking on the dates in the following list:

Sep-01 New York City (USA) Ocean City (USA) 429
Sep-02 Ocean City (USA) Atlanta (USA) 1197
Sep-03 Atlanta (USA) Austin (USA) 1497
Sep-04 Austin (USA) Austin (USA) 24
Sep-05 Austin (USA) Austin (USA) 24
Sep-06 Austin (USA) Monterrey (MEX) 642
Sep-07 Monterrey (MEX) San Miguel de Allende (MEX) 670
Sep-08 San Miguel de Allende (MEX) Jorobas (MEX) 257
Sep-09 Jorobas (MEX) Mexico City (MEX) 72
Sep-10 Mexico City (MEX) Veracruz (MEX) 431
Sep-11 Veracruz (MEX) Villahermosa (MEX) 490
Sep-12 Villahermosa (MEX) Campeche (MEX) 393
Sep-13 Campeche (MEX) Mérida (MEX) 204
Sep-14 Mérida (MEX) Mérida (MEX) 307
Sep-15 Mérida (MEX) Belize City (BEL) 546
Sep-16 Belize City (BEL) El Remate (GTM) 273
Sep-17 El Remate (GTM) Cieneguita (HON) 349
Sep-18 Cieneguita (HON) Tegucigalpa (HON) 401
Sep-19 Tegucigalpa (HON) Managua (NIC) 388
Sep-20 Managua (NIC) Córdoba (NIC) 252
Sep-21 Córdoba (NIC) Moyogalpa, Ometepe (NIC) 83
Sep-22 Moyogalpa, Ometepe (NIC) Moyogalpa, Ometepe (NIC) 59
Sep-23 Moyogalpa, Ometepe (NIC) Uvita (CRI) 499
Sep-24 Uvita (CRI) El Valle de Antón (PAN) 496
Sep-25 El Valle de Antón (PAN) Panama Ciudad (PAN) 162
Sep-26 Panama Ciudad (PAN) Panama Ciudad (PAN) 0
Sep-27 Panama Ciudad (PAN) Colón (PAN) 134
Sep-28 Colón (PAN) San Blas (PAN) 172*
Sep-29 San Blas (PAN) San Blas (PAN) 0
Sep-30 San Blas (PAN) Capurganá (COL) 200*
Oct-01 Capurganá (COL) Cartagena (COL) 430*
Oct-02 Cartagena (COL) Cartagena (COL) 0
Oct-03 Cartagena (COL) El Cármen de Bolívar (COL) 127
Oct-04 El Cármen de Bolívar (COL) Medellín (COL) 532
Oct-05 Medellín (COL) Cali (COL) 422
Oct-06 Cali (COL) Pasto (COL) 376
Oct-07 Pasto (COL) Quito (ECU) 344
Oct-08 Quito (ECU) Cascajal (ECU) 373
Oct-09 Cascajal (ECU) Pimentel (PER) 711
Oct-10 Pimentel (PER) Lima (PER) 793
Oct-11 Lima (PER) Lomas (PER) 527
Oct-12 Lomas (PER) Arica (CHL) 720
Oct-13 Arica (CHL) San Pedro Atacama (CHL) 696
Oct-14 San Pedro Atacama (CHL) Taltal (CHL) 555
Oct-15 Taltal (CHL) Santiago (CHL) 1107
Oct-16 Santiago (CHL) Concepción (CHL) 510
 TOTAL 18.072

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