According to schedule, today would have been my first day in South America. But as explained in the previous posts, instead I am now forced to spend a little more time in Central America.

Today I climbed up the volcano ConcepciĆ³n on the island Ometepe (side note: the city I’m gonna be working at in Chile also is called ConcepciĆ³n). For that I had to meet my guide in the morning and then take a bus at 5:00 am. Unfortunately I didn’t hear my alarm (neither did one of my friends) and got up at 5:07 am. After rushing incredibly preparing my stuff, I managed to get the bus (which luckily was delayed). The 6h hike was very exhausting and due to fog I didn’t have any of the great views. Still it was a rewarding experience. Afterwards I relaxed in a volcano mineral bath (cold water though).

Tomorrow I plan to say goodbye to my friends and to continue towards Costa Rica.

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