Today, my two Argentinian friends and me traveled from Cali to Pasto, COL, where we arrived safely. On the way we para through gorgeous mountain landscapes again. Here in Colombia, I feel like every day the landscape becomes a bit more beautiful than the day before. I highly recommend road trips in Colombia.

Arriving in Pasto, we had some time left for strolling through the city center. After Cartagena it’s the first city I’ve actually visited. It’s a nice city, which feels smaller than it is and it’s little touristy. I am just a little surprised how cold it is here, after passing through desert-like temperatures all day long.

Initially we planned to stay with a friend of the girls, but unfortunately he canceled on us. After a desperate search via couchsurfing and airbnb, also considering sleeping in the car, we ended up in a cheap hostel.

Tomorrow we will continue together crossing into Ecuador.


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