Today I got up a little later and left at 9am. Leaving Medellín I saw two hitchhiking backpacker girls with signs saying “Cali”. As this is where I was heading, I picked them up. They were Argentinian and we had a great time together. In the evening we arrived safely in Cali, COL.

The girls are on their way back to Argentina and plan to go as fast as possible. Traveling by hitchhiking and busses they can actually use 24h per day for traveling – as they don’t have to drive themselves and therefor can sleep on the road – and they are actually moving faster than I am. Still we decided to travel together again tomorrow towards Pasto.

Here in Cali I am staying with the family of a coworker and good friend of mine from my time in Helsinki. They didn’t even know me but I was offered to stay with them and invited for dinner. It proves  again how friendly and hospitable the hispanic cultures are. Together we watched the Colombia – Paraguay soccer match for the world cup qualification. At first we celebrated the colombian goal, until in the last minutes Paraguay made two. A lost match, but not yet out of the world cup.

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