Today was a very strange day regarding my schedule. In the morning I drove from Managua to San Juan del Sur in the south of Nicaragua to meet up with two friends of mine who currently are on surfing vacation in Central America.

As soon as we met, we started discussing travel plans. Me – not knowing about whether I would be able to finally ship my car to Colombia or not – I wasn’t sure about how much time I was able to spend with them. Eventually we decided to go to Masaya which they got recommended, despite it was located all the way back up almost to Managua (where I had slept the night before), so it was contrary to my route north to south. Arriving there, we went to the hospital due to a serious skin infection of one of my friends.

Waiting for his turn I continued to research shipping options for my car. Eventually I found an agency which offered me a service. It brought me down to reality as shipping dates weren’t as random as I had hoped them to be, but only once per week (Saturdays) and due to preparation (paperwork, payments, etc)  took almost one week. So far, this is the only shipping option I have, so I am the one who has to adapt. Looking at Central America this is very doable, but it would bring me into serious troubles in South America. I will have to look at the schedule and route planning once again to take a decision. The alternative would still be to turn around and to go back to the US.

Afterwards we explored Masaya for a bit. It’s a nice but touristy town. As we had troubles to find accommodation there, we decided to continue driving to Córdoba, NIC, being located quite close, where we arrived safely.

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