Today is a day of two good news:

1) My office in Chile understands my situation and is willing to give me one week more for finishing my travels.  That will be enough to make it all the way down!

2) We got our cars out! Although we started very early today at 8:00am, it still took us until 4:00pm that we were finally free to go.

It felt great to be reunited with my car and I directly started my long journey southwards. In the remaining 2h of light I made it to El Carmen de Bolívar, COL, where I arrived safely. It is a cute little town, where only main roads are paved. All secondary roads are mud roads – and in this time of the year, called rain season, the word “mud” is to be taken serious.

When I arrived, for the first time on this journey, I had zero internet despite being inside a city. As I was relying on having it, I arrived totally unprepared. Luckily a woman from a restaurant helped me out with describing me the way to the only hostel in town by giving the most accurate and useful route description I’ve ever gotten. She knew the entire city better than any GPS.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get up early and will hopefully be able to make it all the way to Medellín. I could prepare myself better this time with researching a hostel already… Or I could simply again rely on having internet there…

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