This morning I overslept as I wasn’t able to set an alarm yesterday. Afterwards we had a relaxed breakfast together. As the idea was to split the 18h until Santiago into a short and then a long drive, we could still do some of the desert adventures this morning.

In a group of 5 went to the Ojos de Salar, two completely round lagunas where we jumped into. Afterwards we went to the Laguna Cejar, where the water is so salty that you float – it was awesome!

Going back to the village’s center and quickly doing this and that, it suddenly was 3:30pm when I left. I was angry at myself für letting timing go out of my hand so badly but still decided to make it as far as possible (I didn’t have another option anyway).

I safely arrived at Taltal, CHL, where I now have to go to sleep as soon as possible because I have a 12h drive ahead tomorrow.

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