I found paradise. I safely arrived in El Remate, GTM, less than an hour away from Tikal.

Seeing Tikal was a long time dream coming true and it was incredible. After visiting two ancient Mayan cities in Mexico, I was in doubt whether it was worth to see another. But I’m glad that I did it. It is much bigger than the others and in the middle of the jungle. Not all the buildings are uncovered from vegetation of one millennium. Mystic. And it’s permitted to go and climb up almost anywhere (unlike Chichén Itzá). This is what makes Tikal a gigantic adventure playground with a gigantic heritage. The perfect location to come back with kids one day!

Unfortunately I stayed about a minute too long so that I missed the sunset over the lake, which I am staying at. Still it was beautiful and I can’t wait to take a swim in it tomorrow morning. I am staying with a family via airbnb who is living a carefree life in simple, palm roof hutts right at the lake. For the first time in my life I sleep under a mosquito net.

I don’t know yet what to do tomorrow except for swimming in the lake in the morning.

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