Excuse the missed blog post. Yesterday we stayed in Cien Familias, ECU, at a place without internet and also in all Ecuador I haven’t had mobil internet so far.

There would have been a lot to tell about yesterday but as there al is no mobil internet we only stopped shortly at a hotel in Pindal. Shortly we will cross the border to PerĂº.

As soon as I will have internet, I’ll add to this posting the story of yesterday and also a picture.


It should have been the “day without stops”. The plan was: going to the “Mitad del Mundo” park when it opens at 9am, then from 10am driving 8h straight, using a full tank of gas, eating in a car, to see the sunset at the pacific coast of Machala at 6pm and even put our feet into the water a little bit.

The first part worked out very well. The park was awesome and we couldn’t stop taking pictures.

As soon as we left, troubles began: According to the GPS, the route was now 9h instead of 8h. Then we got lost as many as 3 as within the first hour because of roads which didn’t exist or which were closed for whichever reason. This way we lost another 30min.

We accepted to not arrive in time to see the sunset. Also, we noticed that 3 drunk minds might not think of everything. For creating our strategy to “roll” with the broken window, we found solutions for all the security questions… But we totally forgot that we still are in the rain season here. As soon as we noticed, we put all our hopes in good weather, such worked out fine… For a while.

When it started raining a little we stopped and closed the window with a transparent plastic bag. Unfortunately it wasn’t transparent enough – I couldn’t see anything anymore. This way I didn’t want to drive, so I ripped it off just afterwards and put a towel over my knees.

After asking countless not very helpful people and knocking at some doors we finally found a mechanic which worked on Sunday. As the window motor was broken, all he could do was unscrewing the window, moving it up and fixing it with stuffing papers in the seal.

We continued our way and as realized that we wouldn’t reach Machala anymore, we decided to take a look at the map. But as mobile Internet didn’t work (today I’ve noticed that it was simply turned off on my phone – how stupid!), we are desperately looking for Wi-Fi. Again, we had to ask a whole bunch of people until we found a restaurant, where we stopped to reroute.

The new plan on this “day without stops” on which we in the end stopped as often as at no other day, was to simply put Lima, PerĂº, as destination and to see how far we get.

Again we drove through the most beautiful mountain landscapes while heavy rain and strong sunshine exchanged constantly. At one point it suddenly started hailing. Shortly before the sun was setting we saw an entire mountain range formed by clouds below us. It’s hard to describe, but it was stunning!

When it got dark, we stopped at a Motel in a little village. As motels are, the whole thing was made for having sex… But at least it was super cheap.

[ Photo still following ]