I can’t believe that it’s already been a month ago that I started this trip in New York City. Time has passed so quickly. 8 countries and about 10,000km later, me and my car both have made it to South America.

This morning we took another walk through Capurganá, which is a lovely little town. The town square is a football pitch, where all the urban life happened the night before with a match in the afternoon and very, very loud music into the night. But this morning everything was quiet around town. Also the immigration office didn’t open at 8:30am as we were promised by the immigration officer himself yesterday, but only at 9:15am – as they don’t turn on electricity in Capurganá before 9am on Sundays. We were still on time to catch the 10am boat to NecoclĂ­ which didn’t leave before 10:30am.

From there we took a bus. The bus ride took about 9h and it reminded me why I don’t do this trip with public transport. Bus rides that long are simply too boring and uncomfortable.

After spending the entire day on the road/ water, we finally arrived safely in Cartagena, COL, where we hopefully be reunited with our cars tomorrow. Then I’ll have to go all of today’s way back south.

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