In the end it was faster than expected: My time in Tokyo has already come to a close. It was a period of little freetime and a lot of work that wasn’t always fullfilling me – or that I felt wouldn’t bring me forward professionally. More than once was I questioning whether it made sense to continue and considered leaving early. Finally I decided to pull through and make the best out of it. After all I started this world trip to gain different experiences and not several times the same one.

Dont get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad! I did get to know some new approaches to architecture and I certainly enjoyed my company. Looking back at it, I think I can actually take a lot more with me than I might have noticed when I was right in the middle (That was meant figuratively, but my suitcase also gained some weight…).

Maybe due to this emotional rollercoaster, but certainly also due to the lack of freetime, I never found time to update this blog. I don’t think I will go back and write about my experiences in greater detail, but I will upload some pictures. I have taken a lot – stay tuned.

– interlude –

This past weekend I moved on. After a more than 24h long trip I set foot on the last continent (being permanently inhabited by humans) I had never visited before: Australia. I arrived in Melbourne and started my internship with NMBW today – an architecture and urban planning studio whose design starts off from the perspective of the user and therefore sometimes appears unconventional. I am looking forward to taking part in this thoughtful process and maybe to experiencing their university research.

The first days of the week I used to stroll around the area and visited some sites of the office’s current projects. Immediately I felt comfortable with the city. Life seems a lot more relaxed here than in Tokyo and the weather is nice (There are just a little too many Germans here for my taste…). On top of that there lays an entire continent ahead of me ready to get explored!


  1. Hey Jasper, schön mal öwieder von Dir zu hören.
    Die “Germanen” lieben halt Australien. Es gibt wohl ihrer viele, die überlegen dorthin auszuwandern. Vielleicht ist es ja auch nett, mal wieder die deutsche Sprache zu üben, bevor Du Weltenbummler Deine Muttersprache vergessen hast.
    Nach den anstrengenden Chinesen wünsche ich Dir eine super trooper – Zeit auf diesem offensichtlich herrlichen Kontinent. Wenn es ja nicht so weit wäre, würde ich ihn mir selbst gerne anschauen. Der lange Flug dahin hat mich bisher davon abgehalten.
    Schick halt mal ein paar Fotos und nutze die Zeit auch für Trips ins Outback. Erwarte Dein Foto vom Uluru mit Spannung.

    Liebe Grüße


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