So much time has passed since my last post here, yet it felt like only a minute! Although another architectural competition has consumed way too much of my lifetime (sounds like a complaint when actually I enjoy it – it’s the purest form of architecture), I was able to get all the finnish feeling in my freetime:

Eating Reindeer Meat:

Although I tried it on a Finnland-Trip before, it still feeled like a new experience having it in an original finnish restaurant, deliciously prepared and in a reasonable amount this time (contrary to last year).  It was very tasty!

Reindeer Meat

Sauna-ing (is this even a word?):

I actually feel bad that until now I managed to go to a sauna ONLY ONCE! Fortunately it was at the Uimahalli – a marvellous public swimming hall from 1928. And it has 5 saunas (wood, steam, infra-red and two electric ones) – absolutely recommendable!


Discovering Design:

Scandinavia (and Finland*) are known for being far ahead considering design objects. No wonder that the “Helsinki Design Week” was well attended – also by me. Design Market, Design Fare, “Showroom Walk” (with delicious appetizers + free wine!) and “Open (Architecture) Offices” were only a few of the highlights. Exciting & Inspiring!

Design Market

Feeling the cold coming:

In my first weeks it was sunny and we had daylight until like 9pm. Though it didn’t feel like August, it was still nice (autumn-)weather. Unfortunately it didn’t stay like that. Lately temperatures are sinking and days become shorter. To be honest: Thinking about winter here scares me a little!


*According to different definitions, Finland is very often not counted as “scandinavian” and some Finns seem to be allergic against being called scandinavian, while others consider themselves as such.



  1. My dear Jasper,
    i am very proud of you and also a fan of “..on walz”. It is a great plessure to follow you around the world..a great idea with special designes..your a original ..made in wiesbadenHessen.
    Take a good time a good mood & inspiration…
    with Greetings from your Tande /FrancfortaMaa

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