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Since Centuries, craft is connected with travelling: In the middle age, seeking for work made craftsmen move from town to town. Guilds took up the heritage and prescribed apprentices a perennial journey, in Germany called "Walz", after the completion of the formation. In this way, foreign places and cultures could be studied, experiences could be gained and new working techniques could be interchanged. The builder stood in this tradition as well. Until today, it is possible to read out of the magnificent gothic cathedrals on which ways styles and engineering achievements were carried around the world by travelling builders.

With the industrialization, craft was pushed aside by mass production in large parts. But craft is valuable! Through experience and expert knowledge, it accomplishes the unique connection of the technology with aesthetics. Its precision and perfection are guaranteeing continuous innovation.

These qualities apply in the same way to architecture and show without any doubts, where architects are rooted.

Simultaneously also the tradition of the journeyman years almost got lost. Today, sound and vision can be transmitted to world's end in real-time while the collected knowledge of humanity is available anytime from any place. Therefore, a journey doesn't seem to be necessary anymore. But right now, in this highly globalized world, it is as necessary as never before. If architects want to work worldwide, they have to understand the differences between the cultures! Moreover, innovation doesn't take place in single strongholds nowadays, but everywhere.

Reflecting on all of this, in the end of my undergraduate studies in architecture, I took the decision to continue the tradition and go on the "Walz" as an architect!

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