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Because a monument without a use is a monument lost!

Pyrasites - Visualization 2
Pyrasites - Site Plan


Pyrasites - Section
Pyrasites - Visualization 1

Steel frames support the building's floors, walls or facades!

Pyrasites - Floor Plan Apartment-Container

In 2015, the AHO's international competition "120 Hours" sought ideas to properly preserve the heritage of the abandoned, northernmost city in the world, Pyramiden.

To protect the mystical atmosphere of this apparently "deserted" ghost town, steel frames will support the houses that have been weakened in the footings by the decline of permafrost, in order to prevent a collapse. As a second step, apartment-containers can be attached to the frames to make it possible to personally experience the abundance of Pyramiden and the magnificent natural setting it is located in.

Parasites are dependent on the host, for the "Pyrasites" it's the opposite.